By: Kris Holbeck

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Art, love, and passion collide in this sizzling tale of one man's quest for a down-to-earth love. Will he find his true love in the midst of glamour? Get ready for a steamy escape!

Andreas Galante, the first of the Galante siblings to take center stage in the ‘Heart of the Galante Legacy’ series, may seem to have it all – a renowned last name, a thriving career as an art gallery scout, boundless wealth, a life of opulence, youthful vitality, and an abundance of admirers vying for his attention. Yet, beneath the facade of success, Andreas yearns for something far more elusive.

Andreas is autistic, but his passion for art propels him to extraordinary heights in spotting burgeoning talent within the world of art. As a cornerstone of the Galante Galleries, the international art empire his parents founded, he holds the key to unearthing the next big art sensation.

A journey to New York alongside his twin brother Lukas sets the stage for a serendipitous encounter that will forever alter Andreas’ life. While deeply engrossed in contemplation before one of Haley Adams’ captivating paintings, a magnetic force draws her closer. With an enigmatic presence that strikes a chord in Andreas, they engage in conversation, and he realizes that he might have found the down-to-earth woman he’s been seeking.

In ‘Andreas,’ Kris Holbeck weaves a heartwarming tale of unexpected connections and sizzling billionaire romance. As the inaugural installment in the ‘Heart of the Galante Legacy’ series, this story not only delves into the intricacies of art but also unravels the complexities of love, unveiling the passionate depths of the Galante family.

Join Andreas and Haley on their remarkable journey towards love, art, and the heart of the Galante legacy.




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