By: Kris Holbeck

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Embark on an electrifying journey through ambition, love, and concealed truths in this red-hot billionaire romance. Will he prioritize power or his heart? Discover the answer today!

“My journey to power began in my late teens, fueled by a gift for persuasion and strategic smarts that set me apart.

As I climb the ranks in the political arena, the hunt for a suitable wife who can bolster my ascent has taken a top spot on my priority list. I’ve even compiled a shortlist of eligible candidates. But life had other plans in store when I returned home a few weeks ago for my sister’s wedding. It was there, amidst the celebration, that I met Hannah, the Matron of Honor. Little did I know, she would challenge every belief I hold dear.

Hannah, an embodiment of beauty and grace, is everything that, on paper, I thought I didn’t want. Our initial collision, quite literally, during a fateful morning run, sparked a chemistry that ignited an unexpected kiss—a kiss that has now turned my world upside down and led me to question the path I’ve carefully plotted.

The passion between us is undeniable, and I find myself torn between the life I’ve meticulously crafted and the magnetic pull of Hannah. As our unconventional love blossoms, it defies convention and leaves me questioning whether she can support my political career.

And now, as I prepare to make my debut in the political arena, my manager launches a thorough investigation into my past, aiming to uncover any potential skeletons in my closet before they come under public scrutiny. What we discover shocks both of us—skeletons I didn’t even know existed. It turns out I have a child from a previous relationship with none other than my mother’s old friend, Elenore, who is also my political mentor.

Now, faced with this unexpected revelation, I must navigate a complex web of emotions and decisions.”

Don’t miss Anton’s epic struggle for love and power. Dive into the story now and savor the last episode of the ultimate romantic family saga!




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