Dr. Ekeblad: Close Strangers

By: Kris Holbeck

65 ratings
Secrets, steam, and workplace temptation collide in a tantalizing medical romance. Can a nurse resist a mysterious doctor's allure? Find out now!

What would you do if the one night stand you had a few nights ago turned out to be with your new boss? Would you run for the hills?

It was my first week at work in my new job as a nurse. My roomie and I went to a bar, purposefully out of the way to make sure we would not run into colleagues.

He was smoking hot and sending all the right “come hither” signals. Something in my brain switched off, and I somehow pushed him to take me home with him. It turned out he didn’t need much convincing. Sometimes you just can’t fight nature, I guess.

After a glorious encounter on his sofa, he went to shower. What do you think I did? Yup, I ran for the hills. Didn’t leave my name, didn’t leave my number. A girl has got to stay safe and not get involved with strangers, right?

And then, a few days later, it all came crashing down.

“Dr. Ekeblad, this is your nurse Tilley. Tilley, Dr. Ekeblad.”

This has got to be some kind of cosmic joke! I barely know the guy, and now we must work together. Let me rephrase that. On some level, I know this smoking hot doctor extremely well, in intimate detail to be exact, and we are now going to be spending every single day together. I am not sure if I should cringe or let my inner princess do a happy dance.

I am a professional, I want to do the job I have been hired to do. But the attraction is palpable and messing with my head. He’s just a guy. A drop-dead gorgeous guy. Doctor Hot. Oh, what am I doing?
The more I fall for him, the more I realize that he is a complete stranger. His home is full of unpacked boxes. He gives away all his furniture. His bed is too small for two people. He keeps getting strange phone calls that he clicks away and won’t answer. And yet, I can’t help myself wanting more. Help!

Discover a tantalizing medical romance that blurs the lines between love and work. Can they keep their desire in check? Grab your copy now!




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65 ratings

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