Drs. Ekeblad: New Blood

By: Kris Holbeck

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"As I butter up the rich sponsors at the gala to get funds for a new psychiatrist on a permanent contract, who shows up during the event? My womanizing brother, Gabriel Ekeblad. Why the heck did they hire HIM for the job? Should I warn my female colleagues about him? Should I tell Tilley to stay away from him?"


“Don’t you just hate it when your past catches up with you? My past didn’t so much catch up with me as crash right into me.

I’ve made all the efforts in the world to cut ties with the bad boy image of my youth. I’ve moved away from Nashville, started a new job, and changed my phone number. I even have a budding relationship with beautiful Tilley whom I am also lucky enough to have as a colleague on the pediatric oncology ward.

I love my new job and I want the best for my patients. We are dealing with so many cases of young people facing life altering changes from their diagnosis. So, why doesn’t this hospital have a pediatric psychiatrist? Apparently, there is a hiring freeze due to lack of funds. This is a disgrace and I have been shaking and moving all the powers that be to demand that we get a high-quality professional. Not only did I demand that the Chief of Staff start recruiting the best psychiatrist in the country, but I have also agreed to turn up the charm at the upcoming gala event to butter up the hospital Board Members and rich sponsors for new cash to afford a new psychiatrist on a full-time permanent contract.

And then it happens. A new psychiatrist is hired, and I am elated that we will be able to provide the best care for our patients. Enters Dr. Ekeblad. Hang on a minute? Who? Yes, you heard that right. Dr. Gabriel Ekeblad. My own brother. What the heck? Whose decision was this? My entire youth has just come crashing back down on me.

Along with Gabriel’s arrival I know that his habits as a womanizer and a playboy will be accompanying him. Women find Gabe irresistible and with his skills as a shrink, he is a master at getting what he wants. Should I warn my female colleagues? Should I tell Tilley to stay away from him?”




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