Drs. Ekeblad: Truth Unveiled

By: Kris Holbeck

29 ratings
"How could I have known that Mats' brothers was not a good guy? He seemed nice enough when he offered me a ride home after the Gala. But then he put his grubby hands all over me and I had to kick and slap to get him off me. Now, I don't know how to tell Mats the truth about his own brother."


Why, oh, why did my brother choose to follow me to work in the same hospital as me? I wanted a new life. And now he is not only living and breathing too close to me, but he is also bragging that my girl supposedly groped him in his car.

Gabriel is my big brother. He’s famous, he’s good looking, he’s rich. He’s the golden boy who can’t do anything wrong. My father’s favorite. He’s despicable.

And speaking of siblings: Faye Dren, you know, the nurse on the oncology ward who works with me. Well, her sister, Caroline Dren has also just started working here at the hospital.

According to Faye, she’s just as detestable as my brother Gabe is. And Caroline is not just a nurse or a pencil pusher in admin. Nope. She’s landed the position of Chief of Staff. She’s just become the top boss of the entire workforce of the hospital. What kind of a world do we live in? It’s raining nasty siblings!
Between Gabe and Caroline, I feel trapped.

So, my plan is to focus more on my relationship with Tilley. With her, my life can become sweet again.




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29 ratings

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