Heart of the Galante Legacy Box Set

By: Kris Holbeck

4 ratings
The Complete Series: Andreas, Lukas, Karl, Magnus, and Anton Dive into this spicy family saga series where the bonds are close, and the romances are swoon-worthy!

In the world of the wealthy and influential Galante family, passion for art and love intertwine in the most unexpected ways. Join us in this captivating journey through the lives of five siblings as they navigate the realms of romance and family ties.

Andreas: With a brilliant eye for up-and-coming artists, Andreas Galante, an artistic savant, seeks something more than fame and fortune. His quest leads him to Haley Adams, a talented young artist with a magnetic aura that ignites his soul. Could she be the down-to-earth woman he’s been searching for?

Lukas: Lukas, the charismatic playboy, finds himself ensnared by the alluring Stephanie, a woman who leaves him tongue-tied and smitten like never before. She’s the only one he desires, but can his irresistible charm win her over?

Karl: Uptight and determined to prove her worth to her family, Karl embarks on a journey to manage a new gallery branch in Seattle. Along the way, she discovers an unexpected connection with Tyler Cummings, her construction manager. Will their bond be enough to overcome the secrets of her past?

Magnus: While the world sees him as a successful actor, Magnus longs for simplicity and a genuine connection. Lonely amidst the glamour of Hollywood, he searches for a down-to-earth woman who can see past his fame. Where can he find the love he craves in the dazzling world of showbiz?

Anton: Adopted into the Galante family, Anton aspires to a political career and a suitable wife to match. But fate has other plans when he crosses paths with Hannah, a woman who doesn’t fit his criteria. A stolen kiss sets their worlds on a collision course, leaving him questioning everything.

Kris Holbeck’s “Heart of the Galante Legacy” is a complete collection of these five scintillating stories, weaving together a heartwarming family saga filled with love and spice. In this steamy billionaire romance, the Galante siblings will captivate your heart, leaving you yearning for more.

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