By: Kris Holbeck

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Get ready for a sizzling ride in Lukas, Book Two of the Heart of the Galante Legacy series! Enemies to lovers & a surprise pregnancy – love's wildest journey awaits.

“I love all types of women, but particularly the pretty ones. Thankfully my charm, my famous last name, and my solid bank account have made me irresistible to most females. I often find myself working double shifts to satisfy all of them, as I also have to console the beauties that my twin brother Andreas brushes off.

But heck, what’s a guy to do when he is so much in demand?

This, until I met Stephanie. She’s petite, she has sexy curly brown hair, she’s quick witted, and she keeps wearing clothes that reveal just enough of her body that I can’t think straight.

Can you imagine? Me, Lukas, the master flirter! Whenever I open my mouth to speak with Stephanie, I sound like an idiot. And it’s becoming clear: she is not impressed with me. How annoying is that? She’s quickly becoming the only woman I want.

Last night, I convinced Stephanie to dance with me during Andreas and Haley’s wedding. Thanks to the tequilas, I convinced her to slip into the garden with me for some privacy. This unusual and spunky woman seems to have cast a spell on me.”

Step into the seductive world of Lukas, a billionaire playboy with a heart of gold. Irresistible to all but one – Stephanie. Sparks fly, passion ignites, and a surprise changes everything. Fall in love with Lukas, Book Two of the Heart of the Galante Legacy series.

Ready to be swept away by desire and drama? Dive into Lukas today!




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