By: Kris Holbeck

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Magnus, a dyslexic actor in the spotlight, searching for genuine love amidst fame. Sparks fly as he hires Nic to revamp his rooftop sanctuary. Will the garden redesign lead to a connection beyond stardom?

“In the dazzling city of Los Angeles, I’m known as Magnus Galante, but the truth is, I’m an actor who’s far from your typical celebrity. My story began with a high school extracurricular, a passion for the stage and the camera, and a twist of fate that turned it into a successful career.

But beneath the glamour and flashbulbs lies a different reality. I’m dyslexic, a secret I guard from the prying eyes of the press and my adoring fans. The world may see me as a star, but I see myself as someone who’d rather escape the glitz and parties for a quiet night with close friends and the sizzle of burgers on my rooftop garden grill.

My latest venture is a stunning penthouse, a relic of the past, waiting to be reborn. It’s there that I hope to find solace and create the kind of space where I can truly be myself. Little did I know that this renovation would bring Nic into my life.

Nic is a woman with a talent for redesigning spaces, and she’s about to give my rooftop retreat a fresh new look. She’s not like the Hollywood crowd, not blinded by my fame or success. Could this be the chance I’ve been waiting for, to find a connection that transcends the stardom and the spotlight?”

Will their connection survive the glittering world of fame? Find out in “Magnus,” the fourth installment of the Heart of the Galante Legacy, a sizzling billionaire romance by Kris Holbeck. Dive into their passionate story now!




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