Shadow Siblings

By: Kris Holbeck

27 ratings
"They say that the road to a man's heart goes through his stomach. Well, I say that if you want to control a man, seduction is the way to go. Gabriel is irresistible, and his presence electrifying. He thinks that he has me in the palm of his hand. But I am determined to be the one who calls the shots. In love and war, all is fair. Right?"


“Why are little brothers so annoying? When he was little Mats was sweet and cute. I hate sweet and cute.

As we became teenagers growing up in Dad’s house, he became more fun. We had so many beautiful young wannabe starlets around the house hoping to make it big working with Dad and his recording studio. The parties were great, the alcohol was plentiful, the women were hot and willing, and Mats was fun to hang out with. But our mother’s strict conservative attitude has always haunted him. Her strict reprimanding voice is constantly at the back of his mind and getting to him; I swear he is trying to grow angel wings and a halo.

First, he decided to become a doctor to save people. The he decided to stop partying and sleeping around, but that was like trying to climb a slippery wall. Then he joined Doctors without Borders for several years. And finally, he broke all contact with me and Mom and moved to a new city. But heck no, he is not going to get away with just running off and pretending to be better than the rest of us.

I recently had a double stroke of luck. I met Caroline Dren, the hottest girl on earth. She is the new Chief of Staff at Dren General Hospital. Third generation of the Drens in the job after her father and grandfather. She likes me and with my charm, she won’t resist me for long. Her position of power at Dren General gives me an excellent opportunity to further my career as a psychologist, but even better, she’s also Mats’ new boss. The thought of all the possibilities this gives makes me grin from ear to ear.

Wait, I said a double stroke of luck. So, here it is: I have recently found out that my little brother screwed up big time when he was working for Doctors without Borders. Yes, the kind of screw up that comes back to haunt you and you just can’t run away from. Having a kid is not something you can just fix by moving to a new city.

So, for his birthday I have organized a surprise party. And yes, I’ve invited the whole family and some very special surprise guests just for him. His ex and his kid. Happy birthday, Mr. Perfect!”




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27 ratings

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